Where are Randon’s shares traded?

The Company’s shares are listed for trading in the Bovespa under the symbol "RAPT4". Randon has entered into an agreement with the Bovespa to list its shares in the "Nível 1" of the differentiated corporate governance practices.

What are Randon’s common and preferred shares rights?

Each common share issued by Randon confers its holder the right to one vote at the company’s annual and extraordinary general meetings.

Randon’s preferred shares do not confer voting rights, however, holders of preferred shares enjoy all other rights attributed to the common shares on equal terms, including dividends at minimum equal to those distributed to the holders of common shares. In addition, in the event of Randon’s liquidation, holders of the preferred shares enjoy priority in the reimbursement of capital, with no premium, proportional to their interest in the company.

Holders of preferred shares with no voting rights shall effectively acquire voting rights if Randon fails to pay the minimum amount of dividends to them for a period of three consecutive fiscal years.

Randon shareholders shall enjoy, proportional to their equity interests in the company, preference in any subscription of new shares and/or securities convertible into shares. However, Randon may issue shares, debentures convertible into shares or warrants without prioritizing preferred shareholders if the placement were carried out via sale on the stock exchange, public subscription, or exchange of shares, in a public offering for acquisition of control, in accordance with the legal provisions.

How and when does Randon disclose its information?

All Randon’s material facts, earnings results and other notices to the market are published simultaneously at CVM/Bovespa and at the investor relations area of the Company’s website (www.randon.com.br), and sent later by email to persons registered to receive this information. To receive information by e-mail please register here.

Complete financial statements are published annually on the newspapers "O Pioneiro", "Gazeta Mercantil" and "Diário Oficial do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul". Quarterly financial statements, press releases, presentations, material facts and notices to shareholders are available in the investor relations area of Randon’s website (www.randon.com.br). Other information about the Company also may be obtained on the website of São Paulo Stock Exchange (www.bovespa.com.br) and at the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil - CVM (www.cvm.gov.br).

How individuals not resident in Brazil can invest in Randon shares?

The investors residing outside Brazil, including institutional investors, are authorized to acquire securities, including Randon shares, at the Brazilian stock exchanges, as long as they comply with the register requirements under Resolution nº 2,689 and CVM Instruction nº 325, of January 27, 2000, and amendments.

The investors registered under Resolution nº 2,689, except for certain circumstances, may carry out any type of transaction in the Brazilian capital market involving a security traded in the stock exchange, futures market or organized over-the-counter market. The investments in and remittances of, outside Brazil, earnings, dividends, profits or other payments related to Randon shares are carried out through the foreign exchange market.

To become an investor registered under the provisions of Resolution nº 2,689, an investor residing outside Brazil shall:

  • appoint representative in Brazil, with powers to perform actions relating to its investment;
  • appoint an authorized custodian in Brazil for its investment under Resolution nº 2,689, which must be a financial institution duly authorized by the BACEN and CVM; and
  • through its representative, register as a non-Brazilian investor with the CVM and register the investment with the BACEN.

Securities and other financial assets held by non-Brazilian investors pursuant to CMN Resolution no 2,689 must be registered or maintained in deposit accounts or under the custody of an entity duly licensed by the BACEN or the CVM. In addition, securities trading is restricted to transactions carried out in the stock exchange or through organized over-the-counter markets licensed by the CVM.

Who is responsible for the Investor’s attendance?

Banco Itaú S.A.
Praça Alfredo Egydio de Souza Aranha, nº 100, Torre Itaúsa, São Paulo, SP. 
Phones: +55 (11) 3003-9285 (from capitals and metropolitan areas) and 0800 7209285 (from others locations)


SCS Quadra 3 - Edif. D´Angela, 30, Bloco A, Sobreloja Centro - Brasília/DF 
CEP 70300-500 Tel: (0xx61) 3316 4850

Belo Horizonte 
Av. João Pinheiro 195, Térero Centro - Belo Horizonte/MG 
CEP 30130-180 Tel: (0xx31) 3249 3524

R. João Negrão 65, Sobreloja Centro - Curitiba/PR 
CEP 80010-200 Tel: (0xx41) 3320 4128

Porto Alegre 
R. Sete de Setembro,746 Térreo Centro - Porto Alegre/RS CEP 90010-190 Tel: (0xx51) 3210 9150

Rio de Janeiro 
R. sete de Setembro,99 Subsolo Centro - Rio de Janeiro/RJ 
CEP 20050-005 Tel: (0xx21) 2508 8086

São Paulo 
R. Boa Vista,176 1º SUBSOLO 
Centro - Sao Paulo/SP CEP 01014-000 Tel: (0xx11) 3247 3139

AV. Estados Unidos ,50 2º AND - (ED SESQUICENTENÁRIO) Comércio - Salvador/BA 
CEP 40010-120 Tel: (0xx71) 3319 8010

How can I contact the Investor Relations area?

Randon S/A Implementos e Participações 
Avenida Abramo Randon, nº 770, Interlagos 
Zip Code: 95055-010
Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil Phone.: +55 (54) 3209-2007 Fax: +55 (54) 3209-2511 www.randon.com.br

Any questions not related to analysts and investors must be emailed to Randon Contact.

Banco Itaú S.A.
Praça Alfredo Egydio de Souza Aranha, nº 100, Torre Itaúsa, São Paulo, SP.

Phones: +55 (11) 3003-9285 (from capitals and metropolitan areas) and 0800 7209285 (from others locations)

E-mail: investfone@itau.com.br

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