As an innovative and avant-garde enterprise, Randon Companies adopt a policy of social, environmental and human resources responsibility, investing on sustainability as a way to strengthen businesses and to be in line with the community.

People Management

“Joyful and innovative people working together towards results that will perpetuate Randon Companies”.

This is the vision that guides the People Management Policy of Randon Companies. Creating a healthy environment where employees develop themselves and constantly innovate has been the purpose of our leaders.

The company has developed several programs that have the objetive of capacitating and generating opportunities for the internal public.

Aqui você pode crescer

This program aims at giving employees a chance to get promoted and find job opportunities within the organization through selection processes open to the internal public. Information of new job positions and enrolment dates are available at the company’s intranet.


Program aims to provide permanent education to employees by developing and strengthening their technical and behavioral competencies through different modules such as incentives to formal education, technical training, team development, development of leaders and distance education.

Novos Caminhos

Prepares employees for retirement. The objective is to show them opportunities and alternatives for this new phase of life, keeping them motivated to find a new occupation as an entrepreneur or to enjoy retirement, keeping a new and well-oriented routine, seeking their own satisfaction and focused on well living.

Viver de Bem com a Vida

This Program has the support of SESI/UM, in which Randon Companies encourage healthy habits and attitudes for employees, their families, and the community. The four pillars of the program are personal health, family health, social health and work health.


This program aims at disseminating the culture of equal opportunities to everyone, respecting diversity (ethnic, racial, belief, disability, age, among others). The company has fulfilled all the positions granted to employees included in this program.


Every two years, Randon Companies apply a survey to the Neighborhood Associations of the city of Caxias do Sul, where the company’s head office is located, aiming at understanding the needs and expectations of the community related to the social investment of the company.

Below are some of the programs developed by Randon Companies to the community:


Prepares young adults for the labor market in the technical and human areas, thus promoting their social inclusion. The courses offered are: Manufacturing Operator of autoparts, trailers and rail cars; Assembler of automotive parts and trailers; and Maintenance Mechanic of industrial machines.


this program has the mission to prepare children and teenagers with fewer social and economic opportunities for a better quality of life and a more promising future through several pedagogical activities in the shift opposite to their regular school hours. Besides, the program offers a “professional initiation”, which prepares young people to the labor market through a technical and humanistic development, promoting social inclusion. See more in

Ser voluntário

Such program encourages employees to volunteerism as a way to being sympathetic to the causes of the community where they live. Several activities are promoted, such as general maintenance in public schools and social entities.

Vida Sempre

This program has the objective of raising awareness related to safety while driving through permanent actions like video presentation, games, printed materials and theatrical presentations. 

Environmental Responsibility

Randon Companies target their activities and actions towards sustainable growth. Among Randon Companies’ objectives and goals in the environmental management system is that of streamlining and avoiding environmental impacts resulting from the use of natural resources and residue generation. Accordingly, some indicators have been established for the monitoring and planning of actions aimed at meeting these objectives and goals: consumption of water and power generators (electric power, natural gas, firewood and diesel), volume of generated effluents, and quantity of residue aimed for re-processing.

We highlight the main actions implemented in this process of continuous improvement:

  • Reduction of effluents output, by changing industrial processes;
  • Reutilization of effluents, following their treatment, thus reducing consumption of drinkable water;
  • Replacement of disposable pallets and packages for returnable and reusable ones;
  • Delivery of residues for re-processing and recycling, avoiding formation of environmental liabilities.

Social Responsibility

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