History and Company Profile


The conglomerate of Randon Companies is a group of twelve companies that produce one of the world’s largest product portfolios for cargo transportation and which are divided in three major segments:

  • Road Equipment (trailers/semi-trailers, rail cars and off-road vehicles);
  • Autoparts (Friction Material, Suspension and Axle Systems, Brake Systems, Coupling Systems and Wheel End Systems);
  • Financial Services (Coop-payment plans and bank credit).

Along the years, Randon has set a global benchmark for road transportation equipment, having strategic world-class partners and being among the largest private companies in South Brazil. The company is also part of Level 1 Corporate Governance of B3 (São Paulo Stock Exchange).

Nowadays, the company is a national leader on a great number of products and has  relevant international presence, reaching more than 100 countries in all continents with its products.

For a better understanding of the successful journey that started back in 1949 with the brothers Raul and Hercilio Randon in a small workshop, we present our timeline with the main facts of this trajectory. 



  • 2017

    • Constitution of Randon Perú

    Randon Perú is the result of the joint venture formalized on June 20, 2017 between Randon S.A. Implementos e Participações and Grupo Epysa, from Chile, for the production and sale of semi-trailers. This is the first direct association of the Vehicle and Trailer  Division abroad. Since the 1970s, the company operated in the international market through export from Brazil, producing locally or with partnerships abroad.

  • 2013

    • Full acquisition of Suspensys

    Acquisition of the remaining quotas of Suspensys, Brazil’s leading manufacturing company of suspension systems for heavy vehicles, as part of the Randon companies’ strategic expansion and development plan.

  • 2012

    • Beginning of production of break lining in USA

    After an investment of U$11 million, subsidiary Fras-le North America Inc. now produces break lining for commercial vehicles in the U.S. market.

  • 2011

    • Acquisition of Randon Brantech and Freios Controil

    Two recently-acquired companies joined the group: Randon Brantech, a company focused on manufacturing machinery, and Freios Controil Ltda., through its subsidiary Fras-le S.A., a company specialized in manufacturing brake parts.

  • 2009

    • Randon celebrates its 60th anniversary

    Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Randon Companies. A company bound to grow in a sustainable manner.

  • 2000

    • Suspensys and Castertech are founded 

    Creation of Suspensys, a joint venture with ArvinMeritor, of the United States, and creation of Castertech. Randon establishes itself as a global benchmark with world-class strategic partners and becomes one of the largest Brazilian private companies, a leader in its segments, with exports to all continents.

  • 1990

    • Incorporation of Fras-le
    • Inauguration  of JOST Brasil and Randon Argentina

    With the incorporation of Fras-le and the foundation of Randon Argentina and JOST Brazil, a joint venture with the company JOST-Werke, of Germany, Randon intensifies the diversification of its business.

  • 1980

    • Foundation of Master
    • Inauguration of Randon Consórcios

    Randon begins a process of diversification of its business with the founding of Freios Master, a joint venture with the American company ArvinMeritor (Rockwell at that time), and Administradora de Consórcios Randon.

  • 1970

    • IPO and establishment of Randon Veículos

    Following a trip to Europe, where the brothers saw the potential for growth of the road equipment segment, a new plant is built with 40,000 square meters of building area. The company lists its shares on stock exchanges to expand its production capacity and begins to produce off-road trucks through the creation of Randon Veículos, becoming the first genuine producer of automotive vehicles in southern Brazil. It also begins to structure its dealers network and goes international.

  • 1960

    • Expansion of Randon 

    Manufacturing of the first semi-trailers. In conformity with provisions established by Traffic Legislation, Randon saw a great opportunity and created a 3rd axle for semi-trailers and the equalizer suspension system, which allowed drivers to expand the load capacity of their vehicles. Randon grew, keeping up with the industrialization process and expansion of road transport in the country.

  • 1950

    • Establishment of Mecânica Randon Ltda.

    Foundation of Mecânica Randon Ltda. Air brakes designed to operate on the steep slopes of Serra Gaucha are manufactured, in addition to third-axles for trucks.

  • 1949

    • Beginning  of activities

    Beginning of activities, when the brothers Hercílio and Raul Randon, who worked in the manufacturing of agricultural tools, decided to open a workshop for the reform of industrial engines.

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